Signs And Symptoms of Kidney Diseases in Children

Kidney Diseases in Children

Signs And Symptoms of Kidney Diseases in Children

Did you know? Kidney disease is one of the top 10 fastest-growing causes of death worldwide. The most common demographics of the population prone to kidney diseases are women and kids. There are quite a good number of resources related to women’s health online. So, today let’s talk about something less talked about ‘The signs and symptoms of kidney diseases in children. But before we get into the talk of today. Let’s look at some ways that you can keep your child’s kidneys healthy.

Here are some tips for keeping your child’s kidney strong!

  • Healthy diet
  • Hydration
  • Exercise
  • Minimum synthetic medication

Regular check-up

Do you practice all of this regularly? But still, there’s an irregularity in your child’s urine activity, making him/her fall sick? Be aware your kid might be on the track to developing kidney diseases. Here are some signs that your kid might have kidney disease:


Depletion in kidney functioning is due to a heavy build-up of impurities and toxins. This reduces the metabolism of the body and makes your child weak. This results in quick exhaustion and tiredness in your little one. This can cause anemia which is a complication of a kidney ailment.


When the filtration rate of your child’s kidney is low, adulterants stay in the blood for a longer time. This hampers the body’s comfort levels, giving your little one a disturbed sleep. This may lead to obesity and also chronic kidney diseases such as sleep apnea.

Skin irritation

Does your child have itchy and dry skin? Well if not a direct cause of kidney ailments, it’s because of bone and blood impurities relating to lack of minerals and nutrients. Food for thought: Kidneys play a great role in keeping minerals and purities of the system in check.

Bloody urine

The main function of a kidney is to remove just the extra fluids and impurities from the blood and not the blood itself. So if you see your kid losing blood with urine. It’s surely a sign that he/she is heading for chronic kidney disease. It means that your blood cells are leaking, consult a doctor!

Frequent urination

Here’s the most common first sign of kidney disease. It means that your kids’ kidney filters are damaged. This increases the urge to urinate and also erodes the body’s water levels to a great extent. This will result in chronic kidney disease or even prostate enlargement.

Swollen feet and ankles

Depletion in the functioning of a kidney tends to increase the sodium level in the body beyond healthy measures. This leads to feet and ankle swelling. Not just the sodium but excess toxic water retention in the body also results in the same symptom.

Puffy eyes

One more early sign of kidney disease is protein residue in urine. This means that there’s a tear in your kidneys and protein from your body is leaking. Eyes getting puffy is a sign that there’s heavy protein loss from your body.

Loss of appetite

As seen so far kidney disease is due to the build-up of toxins in the blood. The high toxin levels build compounds in the blood content. This gives your child a feeling of being full and heavy which in turn adversely affects his/her food intake.

Those were a few signs of child kidney problems for which you must consult the kidney experts. But, wait, these aren’t the only traits of kidney disease. Let’s have a look at some more symptoms of kidney diseases:

Stomach cramps

Not just toxin-level but also electrolyte imbalance can cause kidney impairment. This can be a result of low fiber, calcium, or even phosphorus content in the body. This gives you stomach cramps and fluctuating aches that can worsen your kidney functioning and state.

Shortness of Breath

As talked earlier we know that fatigue is a sign of kidney disease. Frequent quick fatigue can lead to shortness of breath which makes it a symptom among kidney patients. Kidney diseases also increase the water level which can damage the lungs resulting in shortness of breath.

Frothy urine

We talked of puffy eyes being a side effect of protein leaks from the kidneys. Another side effect is frothy or bubbly urine. This also proves mid-level chronic kidney disease. These bubbles are excess of albumin, the protein in the urine which is also the protein in eggs.

Funny breath

Have you heard of ammonia breath? It’s a kind of bad breath that persists in kidney disease patients. This is due to the build-up of blood toxins and waste in the body. The smell of breath is similar to fish and sometimes urinals.

Loss of taste

There are many times when kids complain that whatever they eat doesn’t taste at all or tastes like metal. This is a symptom of a later level of kidney disease. This also encourages curbing appetite and also a heavy amount of weight loss.

Getting the chills

Do you see your child shivering and getting cold, even when it’s not that cold? Well, then there’s a possibility that your child has kidney disease. The chills are a result of anemia which is also one of the secondary symptoms of kidney disease.

Nausea and vomiting

Does your child throw up every time he/she eats? Or does your kid get nausea often? Then what are you waiting for!? Rush to the nearest kidney specialist it might be an acute or even a chronic kidney disease. It’s all due to the infection and rise in the toxin level of the body.

Noticed a few of these symptoms in your little one?

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