Ways to Boost Your Immune System Against the Novel Coronavirus

Boost immune against corona

Ways to Boost Your Immune System Against the Novel Coronavirus

By now there’s almost no household that hasn’t been struck by the deadly coronavirus or COVID-19. From a minor lung ailment, it has become a worldwide pandemic. Today there are over 38.5Cr active cases and 57 lakh deaths caused by the virus. COVID-19 has come up with a few symptoms in these couple of years and it can be cured through simple medication and isolation or in some extreme cases be tackled with a long period of hospitalization.

It all depends on the variant and your strength to fight the deadly virus. This can be determined by your immunity level and metabolism strength. Immunity is one bodily trait that coronavirus tampers with the most followed by the lungs and kidneys. There’s a lot of guidance and awareness about keeping the lungs and kidneys strong when struck by COVID-19, it is advisable to consult experts where your immunity is concerned or…

Here are 10 ways to enhance your immunity if you’re hit by the novel coronavirus!!

Eat healthy

A balanced diet builds a healthy soul, but only that isn’t enough. It should contain all different fruits & vegetables, vitamin c, and various antioxidants such as neem, turmeric, amla, chyawanprash, and raw mango. Ensure whatever you eat is fresh and not preserved or stored for a long period of time.

Exercise regularly

Exercising every day has been taught to us right from our school. So, why don’t we keep it up? Don’t overstress yourself, go ahead with moderate 15–30-minute exercises that involve stretching all parts of the body and also make you sweat so that all your internal organs get a good cleanse.

A happy mind is a happy body

We are often blessed with these words: ‘Stay Happy’. This will not just make us feel good but increase the spirit of life and our willingness to do everything in life whether it’s just for the fun of it or if it’s just a mere necessity. You would’ve noticed that one will do a certain thing only if he/she is in the mood to do it and this won’t happen if one is unwell.


We understand about keeping our mental and physical health up to date, but rather than keeping it on the go all the time, give it some time, and rest it out. Adequate rest between strenuous mental and physical tasks is highly advisable. It is a must to get a 6–8-hour sleep for the entire body to get enough rest to function well the next day.

Lifestyle switch

Want to have a long life?  Watch over your daily life closely and make the changes as required involving the right amount of physical activity, leisure, meditation, meal timings and rejuvenation time. You can start by even inculcating healthy habits such as reading and listening to soulful music. These good acts will become habits and then eventually lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Water’s the best friend

Roughly 60% of the human body runs on water. So have water whether you are thirsty or not. Enough water will keep the blood and other bodily functions flowing smoothly. It will also increase the output of urine, and this will help you get rid of the infection and the different toxins in the body.


As the wise old say, ‘stay in the sun’ or ‘go play outside in the sun. Try following these instructions now, no problem if you couldn’t do it earlier. Sunlight is highly essential for the body, not only to increase the body heat and germs in the body but it also provides a good amount of Vitamin D that helps the brain to function, manage weight, improve mood and avoid depression.

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