7 Indications of Kidney Diseases and Infections

Kidney Disease and Infection

7 Indications of Kidney Diseases and Infections

It is really a hard pill to swallow but the fact is that most people with kidney disease are unaware that they are presently going through it. The most painfully wrong thing that people do with kidney infection disease is that they confuse it with some other health condition just because people are not aware of various kidney infection symptoms and signs of kidney disorders. This makes the people unconsciously avoid necessary kidney disease treatment at the earlier stages due to which many severe conditions such as chronic kidney disease develop. Another contributing factor to this delay in treatment is the fact that minimal symptoms of kidney disease appear in the patient until the kidney infection disease has reached later stages.

Getting your kidney infection disease treated earlier can save your life and the only way to have kidney disease treatment as early as possible is to get regularly checked by a professional practitioner. However, there still are some kidney infection symptoms that may indicate kidney disease.

Here are 7 symptoms of kidney disease that you must be aware of:


If you are seeing blood in your urine, you may be suffering from some concerning kidney disease. This is because the nephrons in the kidneys function well to filter the blood from urine formation. To keep you away from the urgency of kidney disease treatment, our kidneys are well designed to prevent the passage of blood in the urine, but this happens, primarily hints toward the leakage of blood from the filtering systems of the kidney. Hematuria can be a critical sign of chronic kidney disease or acute kidney disease. Also, it may indicate kidney stones, kidney infection disease, and or cysts in the kidney.

Frothy urine

Seeing froth in the urine even after flushing the urine many times can be a kidney disease symptom as it usually hints towards the presence of protein in the urine. This froth can be in bubbles and foam texture. Most often this froth formation in the urine is due to the presence of albumin protein and can be a strong sign that you may need kidney disease treatment for a condition known as proteinuria. Sometimes proteinuria is an early symptom of chronic kidney disease and Glomerulonephritis.

Unexplained tiredness

If you are suffering from inexplicable concentration lag and tiredness you might be going through severe reduction in the functionality of kidney. This is because when kidneys don’t function properly, blood becomes concentrated with waste which leads to feeling of fatigue and concentration lag. You must, at the first realization of this symptom, consult a doctor for your kidney disease treatment as reduced kidney functionality rapidly degraded the kidney and make it move towards chronic kidney disease, acute kidney disease etc.


When your kidneys function with full efficiency, they do not only filter blood. There are several other important functions of kidneys. Therefore, there are many kidney disease symptoms. Kidneys in good shape keep your blood pressure maintained, bones strong, electrolytes balanced, and minerals regulated. If you experience continuous itching in your skin, you might be going through diseases related to the bones, minerals, and electrolytes. These types of disorders are often associated with diseases like kidney infection diseases, and one must consider kidney infection treatment for their condition.

Swelling around your eyes

This kidney disease symptom is considered when the swelling around your eyes do not go for much longer period. As we saw above that proteinuria may be an early symptom of serious kidney related diseases like chronic kidney disease, Glomerulonephritis etc., swelling around the eyes has something to do with proteinuria. The type of swelling associated with proteinuria is caused because of leakage of protein into urine in much larger amount.

Cramps in the muscles

Kidney’s infection disease is well known to disturb the function of kidney that balances the electrolytes. People often suffer from muscle cramps when their electrolytes, especially calcium and phosphorus levels, are not balanced.

Urge to urinate frequently

This symptom can be a strong sign of UTI being moved up to the kidneys through ureters causing kidney infection disease in various forms. People should seek medical attention to get kidney infection treatment for their urinary tract infection because prolonged infection in the kidneys can damage the nephrons. This can lead to acute kidney disease creating irrevocable problems for the patient.


The efficacy of kidney disease treatment for a patient heavily depends on the stage of their kidney disease. Kidney infection symptoms and signs of other kidney diseases are important factors to determine kidney disease at early stages. Several common kidney infection diseases can be indicated from the above-mentioned symptoms; so, one must be aware of them. There are some kidney diseases which can have no symptoms until that have reached later stages. For this kidney related issues, doctor advice people with other condition like hypertension and diabetes to get evaluated for kidney diseases once in every year.

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