7 Symptoms of Renal Disease That You Should Know

Renal Disease symptoms

7 Symptoms of Renal Disease That You Should Know

A huge proportion of the world, in today’s era, suffers from some kind of renal disease. Most of these kidney diseases turn out to be chronic kidney failures. In this form of kidney damage, the patient’s kidneys slowly become inefficient for the body’s needs. As the functions of the kidney are widely ranged from filtering wastes and other fluids from the blood to maintaining the blood pressure, damage of any sort to these vital organs leads to the development of various signs of renal disease that could be fatal.

Moreover, renal disease, at its early stages, has minimal symptoms. This makes it even more dangerous as symptoms of renal disease could help the person by making him/her seek proper medical attention at the early stages.

If you are finding it hard to get some good sleep

A healthy body and mind are necessary to have a good shut eye. If your kidneys are not working in the manner they should, various unfavourable substances get built up in the blood. This happens as a symptom of renal disease because toxic substances only build up in the body when the filtering of blood by the kidneys is not done properly. Due to this many people find it unpleasant to lie down to have asleep.

Moreover, chronic kidney disease can indirectly induce sleep apnea but this symptom of renal disease is less prevalent in the patients.

If you are unreasonably less energetic and you feel a lack of concentration in you

To be active and highly concentrated, good blood circulation is necessary. As a sign of renal disease, being unreasonably tired can indicate the build of waste in the blood due to which blood circulation becomes less dynamic. Due to renal disease, the patient remains at high risk of anaemia, because of which the symptom of tiredness becomes apparent.

If you are frequently feeling the urgency to urinate

There are several reasons why this is considered one of the symptoms of renal disease. One of these reasons is that when the patient is suffering from renal diseases such as Glomerulonephritis, the reabsorbing tubules of the nephrons become damaged. This results in more volume of urine formation. Another reason this is a sign of renal disease is that the urgency to urinate more often is a major symptom of urinary tract infection.

If you are suffering from Hematuria

Hematuria refers to the appearance of blood in the urine. It is one of those symptoms of renal disease that one should never wait to seek medical attention for it. The reason is the fact that when your kidneys are in a healthy state, they successfully filter waste from the blood and do not let any blood cells pass into the filtrate. However, when your kidneys are damaged by any kind of renal disease, there is always a risk of the passage of blood cells into the urine. Furthermore, Hematuria can also be a sign of those renal diseases which are caused by stones, tumours or cysts.

If you are seeing foam in your urine even after flushing

Having frothy urine even after flushing is a strong sign of a renal disease known as proteinuria. Proteinuria is the presence of protein in the urine in large amounts. Proteinuria is itself a symptom of acute renal failure.

If your body parts, especially ankles, are swollen

Swelling of the ankles as a symptom of renal disease is caused by excessive electrolyte preservation in the body. When your kidneys are not functioning properly, your body becomes highly concentrated with minerals such as sodium. This leads to inflammation in your lower legs and feet.

If your skin is feeling irritated

The function of kidneys is not limited to the filtration of blood only. There are many important regulations in the body that is done by your renal system. When you feel your skin to be irritated without any understandable cause, it might be occurring due to the imbalance of minerals in the body leading to the disease bones. It is an indirect symptom of renal disease but one should be aware of every possible factor that indicates kidney related issues. This is because early treatment of renal disease can prolong the function of the kidney for your lifetime.


Symptoms of renal disease can be seen in two terms. In one terminology, the symptoms can mean the condition of your body after the irrevocable damage has been done to your kidneys. In other term, signs and symptoms of kidney disease can be seen as possible indications of kidney disease. In the above blog, we understood the symptoms of renal disease in the latter terms so as to let the people know about the slightest sign for which they should consider medical attention.

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