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5 Most Common Diseases of Urinary System

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5 Most Common Diseases of Urinary System

The human urinary system consists of kidneys, renal pelvis, ureters, bladder, and urethra. The male and female urinary systems are the same in their constituent parts. When we talk about urinary system diseases, we are talking about diseases in any of the parts of the urinary system. In males, diseases of the urinary tract can involve disease in the reproductive organs. People of all age groups can develop diseases of the urinary system. Urinary system disorders or diseases can be the cause of reduced urinary system function which can lead to the risk of development of some serious problems. These diseases can be present from birth or can be developed in any part of life.

Diseases in the human urinary system are not limited to disturbing the urinary system function only but can extend their effect on other homeostatic factors of the body. Some general diseases of the patient such as high blood pressure and diabetes can cause the onset of urinary system disorder. There are surprising numbers of factors that can cause diseases in both the male and female urinary systems. Such a wide range of factors of urinary system diseases causes diversity in the types of diseases of the urinary tract but there still are some of the common diseases of the urinary system which one need to be aware of.

Here are 5 of the most common diseases of the human urinary system

Stones in the kidney or ureter

When it comes to the most prevalent and dangerous urinary system disorders, kidney stones come at the top of the list. The symptom of this urinary system disease can range from slight pain to complete blockage of urine. The stones in these organs of the urinary system are formed by the crystallization of salts in the urine. Usually, the stones are flushed via urine on their own but when the size of the stone happens to be large enough to cause reduced urinary system function, they have to be put under the consideration of medical treatment.


Another prevalent disease of the urinary tract is known as urinary tract infections. UTIs are mostly female urinary system diseases. It is caused by bacterial colonization in any part of the human urinary system. This bacterial colonization is mostly of E. coli which causes infection in some specific parts of the urinary tract. Proper hygiene and protected intercourse can avoid the occurrence of this urinary system disease.

Enlarged prostate

A good example of reduced urinary system function is the symptom caused by an enlarged prostate. Prostate glands are present only in males and with age, this gland gets enlarged which leads to extra pressure being put on the urethra. The outcome of this urinary system disorder is reduced ability to have control of holding the urine.

Prostate cancer

In men, the presence of a prostate puts them at risk of developing a disease in their urinary system known as prostate cancer. Every year, thousands of people get diagnosed with this type of cancer. The key factors contributing to the development of such diseases of the urinary system are heredity and age. The tricky part in this urinary system disease is that there are no symptoms until the cancer has grown to the point of being at an advanced stage. Hematuria, lower back pain, etc are the symptoms of prostate cancer at a higher stage. It is understandable that these symptoms can be scary but if this urinary system disorder is diagnosed at the right stage, it can be completely treated with minimal risks of losing any normal urinary system function.

Vaginal prolapse

As clear from the name of this disease of the urinary tract, this disease can only occur in the female urinary system. This disease is not as common as a general urinary system disease but when it comes to the involvement of the reproductive system in the urinary system disorder, vaginal prolapse is fairly a common disease to be put in this category. In this disease, urinary system function is reduced as the muscles of the vagina become incapable to hold the bladder in its position. This can happen as a result of a variety of factors such as lessening of the vagina with age, giving birth to a child by normal delivery, etc. Patients with this urinary system disorder undergo a lot of discomforts, so they have to be taken care of very keenly.


Urinary system diseases cause a wide range of issues starting from reduced urinary system function to highly chronic and acute disorders such as chronic kidney disease, prostate cancer, etc. Around 60% of the whole women population experience UTIs as a troubling disease of the female urinary system. In the above blog, we have just seen the 5 of the most common types of diseases of the urinary system but there are sophisticated factors that play key roles in each of the urinary system diseases. One can only be sure about the treatment option for their urinary system disease if they are advised by an expert urologist.
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