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What is the relation of sugar with the inflammation in the body?

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What is the relation of sugar with the inflammation in the body?

A diet, with high amounts of sugar in it has adverse gradual effects on the body. One can develop diseases that can easily become chronic in nature. Obesity is also strongly linked with the high intake of sugar. Also, a person can suffer from tooth diseases due to a high intake of sugar. Apart from all these well-known links of sugar with diseases, high amounts of sugar cause inflammation in the body which can result in being chronic.

It is a known fact that inflammation is actually an immune response generated by the body. This unnecessary activeness of the immune system can damage the internal organs of the body. Moreover, inflammation can also contribute to the development of a wide range of health issues such as diabetes, arthritis, and heart diseases.

Inflammation linked with sugar

Very reputable studies have expressed that the consumption of high amounts of sugar causes inflammation. In most cases, consuming sugar from sources such as cold drinks causes more rapid development of inflammation. Some inflammatory markers such as C-reactive protein become abundant in the person’s body if his diet is of high sugar content.

The cause of inflammation due to sugar is still an unraveled theory but one strong speculation is that due to high sugar intake, components called free fatty acids are produced in high content in the liver. Upon the digestion of these components, the inflammation process is somehow activated.

There is still a demand for high research on the mechanism of how sugar causes inflammation but there certainly is a link between the two

Symptoms of inflammation

There are immense effects of inflammation on the body. Some of the side effects of this hyperactive immune system become apparent as symptoms such as:

  • Confusion, panic attacks, mood swings
  • Pain in the body
  • Inexplicable tiredness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Bowel system disorders
  • Constipation
  • Acid reflux
  • Unexplained obesity
  • Becoming prone to infections

Inflammation can be at the back of serious diseases such as kidney failure and diabetes. If the immune system of the body becomes unnecessarily more active it can certainly damage your own kidneys leading to failures and other problems.

What foods can cause inflammation?

As the fatty acids produced by sugar cause inflammation, some other foods that are of high trans fat content can provide their free fatty acids directly to the body. This can also lead to inflammation. Therefore, apart from sugar, there are some other food products that can induce inflammation. Their food products are as follows:

  • Food containing high amounts of refined sugar such as cold drinks, cakes, etc
  • Animal fat that is saturated in the form of meat, dairy products, etc
  • Foods such as pizzas, burgers, and other fast foods
  • Foods with excessive oil content
  • High-carb foods such as bread, rice, etc
  • Packed preserved foods

All the above-mentioned food products contain either high Trans fat, other fats, or high amounts of sugar that cause inflammation.

How can you reduce inflammation?

Refined sugar is an unnecessary part of the diet. People should strive to reduce the sugar content in their food. There are various researches that have shown a clear link between less sugar intake and reduced inflammation. One should be aware of the fact that every food product contains some amount of carbohydrate that provides necessary glucose for the body. Therefore there is no need to take extra sugar content in your diet as in priority.

Other than reducing the intake of sugar, there are several ways to reduce chronic inflammation

  • Regulating sleep cycle
  • Increasing anti-oxidant-rich diet
  • Regulating your weight
  • Stopping to smoke

Reducing hormonal imbalance can efficiently decrease chronic inflammation. This is because the level of hormones in the body governs the functionality of immune system in the body.

Other effects of high sugar diet on the body

A high-sugar diet sugar not only causes inflammation but also some of the serious issues causing factors in the body. These health factors include chronic obesity, kidney diseases, diabetes, heart disease, and tooth-related issues.


People must be aware of the fact that components produced by sugar cause inflammation in the body. No matter, it is not clear yet how it happens but there are few strong scientific speculations about it. With more convenience in getting informed people have certainly reduced their sugar intake but not to the extent it should be reduced.

Inflammation can lead to serious health issues such as kidney disease, diabetes, heart-related disease, etc it is important for people to know how to regulate their diet in order to restrict sugar as well as other inflammation-causing components of the diet.

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