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What sleep is best and how to get it?

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What sleep is best and how to get it?

Apart from all the vivid benefits of sleep, there are many myths in the form of some certain rules attached to it. Early to bed early to rise, this phrase has developed into more sophisticated and technical jargon such as; one must get at least 6 hours of sleep, one must not work after 9 pm and also the best one is that if you sleep less than 4 hours, you might be insomniac. Mythical rules like these are being tried to follow in every home like a set of religious commandments and what actually is happening beneath the failure of following these unquestioned implications is that genuine disorders like sleep deprivation, insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, etc are continuously being misunderstood and related to some normal randomness of sleep. Now, as society is filled with myths, it is counterproductive to go out as a messiah and try to bust all these fairy tales because there is no end to it. Therefore the best way is to understand only what sleep is best, including all its ancillary properties like duration, and how to get it. So here is the sleep your body needs.

What sleep does a body need?

If someone having a hard time to sleep or having disruptive sleep is said to delay the time they start to sleep, of course, in the present time it would sound nonsensical but the thing they tend to do is to go to bed earlier to catch up on their sleep, has actually a counter purpose to what they are trying to attempt. What they simply need to do is to delay their sleep until they are quite tired. So if it is not the matter of early sleep that a body needs then what does it need? The answer is full sleep cycles. A sleep cycle refers to the bodily changes that occur during the four stages of sleep; Non-Rem1, NON-REM2, NON-REM3, and REM sleep. Now we won’t go into explaining what those stages are but the property of the sleep cycle is that it repeats about every 90 minutes. So the sleep that a body demands is two or three of these complete cycles and does not get disturbed between the stages.

How to get the sleep your body needs?

  • By eating suitable and on time:

Sleep and food are not compatible. What that means is that if there is not much time between eating and sleeping, the stomach will produce acids to digest that food and also housekeeping contractions of the small intestine will get disrupted which will eventually lead to disturbances between the stages of sleep. So eating at least 2 hours before getting to sleep is necessary to get a good sleep. Also eating suitable means avoiding things like alcohol, fatty foods, nicotine, and caffeine which means that there are no specific boundaries to what a person eat to get a good sleep but one just needs to take good care of health in general.

  • By articulating problems to oneself for stress reduction:

As everyone has some degree of stress it is important but many people suffer from excess stress which creeps into the ability to relax and sleep. Therefore it is necessary for people to understand the root problems that cause excess stress. For that, they need to think clearly about the steps that have led them to stress or they must even opt for therapy for external articulation of their problems if necessary. So every step must be taken to reduce overwhelming stress to get a good night’s sleep.

  • By not doing intensive exercise before bedtime:

Intensely exhausting the body before bedtime gets the body physiologically aroused which is an incompatible state for sleeping. Rather relaxation exercises like breathing exercises, and muscle flexing while lying down can help to regulate anxiety which contributes to better sleep.

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